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Connecticut Liquor Stores

Experts in Liquor and Wine Stores

Connecticut Liquor Stores, is a business brokerage firm that focuses on the sale of liquor and wine stores.  We serve as a business intermediary, providing individualized hands-on expertise to those buying and selling stores in the Connecticut area. 

We leverage our knowledge and experience in this specialized market and provide both buyers and sellers the best service and advise in the industry.  We understand the Liquor Store market and we are focused on helping our clients get the most for their efforts. 

Whether your pursuing to purchase or sell a Liquor or Wine Store that produces $200k or $15M in sales, it is important to hire a broker who has the experience in this unique marketplace.   Generic business brokers or real estate agents are just are not focused on this marketplace.   We have personally been involved with hundreds of Liquor Store sales and we understand the challenges facing a buyer who wants  the best store he can buy within his price range and sellers who demand fast, trouble free sales.

Our Common Sense Approach
The foundation of our approach is using common sense in todays complicated world.   Many times intermediaries, attorneys and accountants make things much more complicted than they need to be.  Using a common sense approach to handling the hurdles nessesary to overcome to secure a transaction, is what separates us from that pack of generic business brokers.

We have over 10 years experience selling large and small liquor and wine store, call us today for a completely 100% CONFIDENTIAL discussion about your store.

We are Very Cost Effective 
We charge about the lowest rate in the industry, call us today for details.


All conversations are 100% Confidential

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